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Detailing Tips – Did you know there is a word for putting on makeup while driving? Yep, it’s called farding. So be careful to not say it too fast. Although we can’t condone driving while distracted, this article talks about dealing with some of the more common results of this activity. We will address what to do when, instead of painting one’s face, a customer accidentally “paints” their vehicle’s interior. Most of the time it is a simple procedure to remove these stains. But any good detailer will tell you to be extra careful when dealing with the interior of a customer’s car. Storming ahead can cause additional damage when the goal is to eliminate unsightly stains.

With any stain, timing is important. If you have repeat customers, make sure to let them know to contact you immediately if they find a cosmetic stain. The oil based cosmetics can really create an issue and when it dries it becomes a real headache. On the other hand if the cosmetics are water based it usually just takes a soft sponge or cloth and some warm soap water. You may even be able to encourage your customer to handle it. But I will leave that up to you. # Detailing Tips

More stubborn stains can be coaxed into complying with a piece of soft cotton and a 10 percent solution of ammonia. This takes a delicate touch because you don’t want to press too hard and make matters worse. So just gently place the cotton pad on the stain for a few minutes. Afterwards, apply some baking soda and let that work the stain for a couple more minutes. Then it is back to the warm soap water with soft sponge that we mentioned above. Always keep in mind the type of upholstery you are dealing with to be extra careful with the more delicate fabrics. # Detailing Tips

Pale colored synthetic fabrics will require a different approach. You can still use the soft cotton pad, but this time dip it in hot water and apply your favorite delicate cleaning product. Make sure to focus only on the stained area and rub it gently with a wet sponge until the stain disappears. # Detailing Tips!

Then there are the pesky lipstick stains. They are usually of the oily version and therefore require a little more effort. The good news is that a normal dishwashing detergent usually does the trick. Use something soft to rub the stain with this solution and make sure to stay in the stained area. You don’t want to spread the problem. Take frequent pauses to ascertain your level of progress and your persistence should pay off. # Detailing Tips

Wet wipes can come in handy when dealing with cosmetic stains. This is especially true when dealing with stains from foundations. Or get out a toothbrush with some mild cleaning detergent and work the stain. Follow up with a sponge and, you guessed it, warm water.

I saved the toughest for last. Stains from nail polish are usually the worst. The key is to not rub the surface of the upholstery. This tends to make things worse. Instead, try to absorb the material with a towel. This will work when the stain is still wet and highlights what I mentioned earlier, that timing is important. Follow this up with some acetone. But make sure to not rub. Just press on the stained area. If you start to see progress, grab a clean, dry towel and press on the stain again. A repetition of these steps should do the trick. However, remember acetone is NOT to be used on delicate fabrics or leather. # Detailing Tips

So when your favorite customer calls frantic about a cosmetic stain on their beautiful upholstery make sure you get to it as soon as possible. Then delicately and methodically work the stain until it is gone. All the while make sure to avoid the unaffected areas surrounding the stain. Before long your customer will have a clean canvas to decorate before your next visit. Detailing Tips!

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Detailing Tips Carlsbad - Removing Make-Up Stains from Car

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