Pet Odors in your Vehicle – Detailing Tips!

Pet odors in your vehicle? You love your pet. And they have to get in the car at some point. Whether it is to go to the park or the vet, the car is usually the form of transportation. When they get out, they don’t always take everything with them. They leave behind hair and other things that can create lasting odors. I could list all the possible culprits your pet leaves behind in your car, but that would just be gross and unnecessary. This isn’t a high science experiment involving a petri dish. Now back to the subject at hand.

How do we get rid of these lingering odors? First, remember you need to focus on detailing the entire interior. Just focusing on the problem area is not going to cut it. Check every nook and cranny and reference our previous post about removing pet hair. Yes, even hair can cause there to be an odor and it is important to remove it when addressing this issue. # pet odors in your vehicle

If you are dealing with “an accident” that happened in the backseat when your pet got a little too excited it is best to wear some protective equipment. Things like gloves and a particulate mask are not a bad idea. Either way make sure you are not using any pressurized air that will cause more airborne problems. Just remind yourself what you are cleaning up and it will help inspire you to take precautions.  # pet odors in your vehicle

Then take out your favorite nylon brush and a good vacuum. Remember not to get the area wet. That will just help the offensive material work its way into the seat or carpet. We are trying to do the exact opposite. Once you have gotten up what you can it is time to move on to real cleaning. Grab some enzyme stain remover. Focus on using something with amylase or protease in it. They will help remove urine stains and proteins. But you are not done there. After you have worked in the enzymes it is important to follow up with your usual all-purpose upholstery shampoo. This will finish the job the enzyme started. # pet odors in your vehicle

Next bring out the vapor or dry steamer. With a clean towel wrapped around the brush you will be able to quickly remove the loosened, offensive material. Admittedly this will only deal with the surface issues. If the stain has permeated into the cushions the owner is going to need them replaced in order to completely remove the smell.

For finishing touches you will need a sterilizer. Something with peroxide in it should do the trick. Follow that up with a deodorizer that removes odors and doesn’t just mask them.

Be honest with yourself and your customers. Pet odors are very difficult to remove. Do not create false hopes. Someone could go through this entire process and use all these chemicals and equipment and still not remove the odor. Especially when the weather warms up, there is a potential for odors to come back. Given that reality, this is still a preferable alternative to the cost and trouble of replacing cushions and therefore should be tried first. Just don’t be surprised if it doesn’t completely eliminate the problem. # pet odors in your vehicle. 

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